Procrastinate with Aubry

And it’s FOR YOU OF CHILDREN DESIGN. If that’s not a selling point, idk what is.

Indeed! I do notice, however, that they don’t say which play it’s as good as. I’ll have to seek your expertise on that one some time.

S4 Press Pack

AFDASDFAD! Press Pack!


Favourite spoiler:

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So I got this gift.

My favourite part is how they drew the line at pretending the kid would find a friend to play this travesty with him. Hyperbole has its limits.

Scott and Bailey Sorting Hat - Justification


So, my Scott and Bailey Sorting post popped out of fyeahameliabullmore's queue last night, and I've been getting some notes on it again, and that reminded me that I had originally intended to post a longer justification of my choices in a separate post, as I wrote a rather long-winded message about it to janet-scott at one point, and happened to save it. I have now done that, so, my thoughts on why the Scott and Bailey ladies belong in the Hogwarts houses I have placed them in beneath the cut!

(as always, you can credit many of these thoughts to sophiagratia and sapphoshands, because they are both awesomely open to Super Important Conversations About Fictional Ladies)

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I am on board with this. For one thing, Gryffindor!Rachel not quite getting that the woman from whom she’s so desperately seeking affirmation is a Slytherin totally works for me. Fundamentally crossed wires, there.

Hufflepuff!Julie seems right, too. (Even though we don’t get as much canon material about her or about Hufflepuffs).

Along with the things you mentioned, I have a lot of feelings about Julie’s body language. She’s perfectly happy to use her height for added authority when she’s putting Rachel or someone in her place - and those heels! (Heels actually give her a lot of her height on Karen Zalinski). But she also has a whole repetoire of ways to share space. She’ll sit, lean, stoop, or stay back from people - especially with Gill.

Normally you might parse that kind of thing as submission and lack of confidence, but it isn’t. She’s not ceding any authority in what she says or how she runs things. She just prioritises being literally on a level with people while they talk things through. Very different approach from Rachel or Gill’s steamrolling, and much more like Janet.

This is perhaps what a Hufflepuff HBIC looks like.


Healing hands

I also love how very handsy Beverly is even when she’s not doctoring. She’s all over everyone.


Festive cheer: Leona Lewis, David Gandy and Jennifer Saunders
(Picture: Chris Floyd)


Festive cheer: Leona Lewis, David Gandy and Jennifer Saunders

(Picture: Chris Floyd)

What are them things like cucumbers? Suffragettes!



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Not to belabour the point, but: her face.

Murray and Dodson




Police boss ladies in Number One Dress uniform. Very much a work in progress, but I figured I’d post the rough sketch before I balls it up entirely with corrections and colouring.

Head!canon for this pic:

1. Julie and Gill both have the same medals (Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee, Long Service). 2002 was kind of a rough year for Gill though, and as a result she can’t remember where the hell she put her Golden Jubilee medal. Ergo she’s just wearing the ribbon bar instead.

2. Gill has better posture than Julie, so you can’t make out her DCI chevrons. Julie’s slouch shows off her crowns.

3. Gill’s wearing her check scarf, but Julie has gone for the tie option instead. This is either because a) she knows how to make the most of soft-butch swag in uniform or b) she got mayonnaise on her scarf. Your call.