Procrastinate with Aubry


Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.


Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.

I can’t really handle the truth of Gates McFadden’s make-up on blu-ray.

Just to re-iterate Slap, I don’t need a plus one, I need a stand-in. Yeah well think about it. Okay, ta-ta.


Gill at the very start of last night’s episode :D  (via darklioness82)

She’s talking about the award ceremony, right? Trying to get Julie to pick up the cert for her? Except she did go (in her one fancy dress that she apparently wears to everything). So 100% definitely Julie talked her into going after all and went with her, yeah?

A bit in the Yay pile, a bit in the SO WORRIED pile, a bit in the ajsghhsggs fuck you ladies making me cry pile?

Thank you! :)

I’ve decided to stare at Julie’s shirt for a bit, then go to work, and pick up some wine on the way home just in case.

I’m sure I remember days when watching TV was a soothing pastime.


So the S&B twitter shared a preview for next week that’s different from the preview at the end of this week’s episode.

I’m just… not gonna say any more about it.

Having too many thoughts about three-word shingles

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I missed tonight’s episode. How intense is it? Like on a scale of 1 to OhGodGillNO?

It’s been a rough week. If I get up early to watch it before work will I be inspired or sabotaged for the rest of the day?

Wonder Woman Movie Confirmed For 2017


Warner Bros is doing their share holder meeting today and is revealing details on their DC Comics films. There is lots to report but the big news is that Wonder Woman is now confirmed for a standalone film in 2017. I’ll be back with thoughts later.


(I mean, start your countdown now to the litany of bad choices DC will inevitably make about motivation, costuming, casting, backstory, the Amazons, support cast, rogue gallery, writers, director, powers… But still. Yay!!)


Minimal Posters - Six Women Who Changed Science. And The World.

Woo! Happy Ada Lovelace Day, all!

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